Four Decades of People Helping Animals

Nearly 45 years ago, Shirley Silver and a handful of committed volunteers formed the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County. Since then, thousands of animal lives have been saved and thousands of human lives enriched by the daily work that is done at our Shelter.

In 2013, the AWL's staff logged 7,902 miles traveling across the 625-square-mile service area assisting animals in need and responding to reports of emergency, abuse or neglect. In 2013, 1,002 animals passed through the Shelter. This number includes wild and exotic animals and pets that were routed to other rescue groups or temporarily housed.

  • 81 Lost pets were reunited with their families
  • 759 Animals placed in forever homes
  • 187 Emergency calls were answered
  • 4,375 Volunteer hours were donated.
  • 574 Cruelty and neglect calls were answered

Our Shelter has operated since 1984. Over the years the need for our services has continued to grow, but the space that we have to support our mission has not. On average 75-100 animals are usually crowded into the Shelter. Animals recuperating from surgery share space with medical equipment. Puppies play under staff desks, and nursing mothers are housed in outdoor kennels. Worse, animals are turned away because the Shelter is usually full. This is why we need your help with our new shelter. 

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