Pet Tributes 2013

In memory of our beloved Brandi. Thank all of you for caring so much for the animals. ~ Lynn & Eleanor Weekley 

In memory of our son's beloved Rottweiler, Navajo. He passed away on Saturday, January 8th, at the age of 10. Our son, Eric, loves animals and loved that dog more than anything. He also has another Rottweiler name Brutus, a St. Bernard named Sophie and five cats. Navajo was a wonderful, gentle pet, and he will be missed by everyone. ~Jim & Mary Annavajo dibiccaron DiBiccaro

In memory of Barley, our morning walks won't be the same with out you! ~ David & Ann Bishoff


In Memory of Amanda Sozer's dogHoney who passed away 9/14/13~ Paula J. McFarland


In Memory of Al & Jan St.Clair's precious cat Mama Mia~ Paul F. & Margaret A. McCummins

In memory of Maggie, our faithful friend & companion ~ Elaine DeCapito My little angel Cassie passed away 2 days after Christmas. She was 16 1/2. I still can't believe I don't see or feel her following me. She was always there for me for the 13 years since my husband passed away. She was so special as were our other 2 terriers. They are at the pet cemetery but I brought Cassie home. I have her small container with her picture on the front and as I see her - its like she still is following me. I have been a long time supporter of your group and I am so proud of all you do cassie feschenkofor all the pets and animals that are in need. ~Genevieve Feschenko

In memory of Sheba, our beloved pet who passed away in 1989. We miss her very much. ~ The William & Jo Ann Spurk Family

In memory of Tiger II, ~ Blanche Roman In memory of Otis. ~ Beloved pet of Steve Bava & the Crossing Family In memory of Ollie John, the world's best Great Dane. ~ Kathy Wolfe
In memory of Star, our beloved dog ~ Nicholas & Linda Belcastro In memory of Rascal & Peanut, ~ Neva Dionisio In memory of Newton, our beloved cat ~ Andrea & Phil Beck
In memory of our departed Puppy Pals, MookieLibby, Bailey & Molly The First, ~ Dr. Warren & Janice Rogers In memory of Hans & Buddy, we will miss them terribly but know we will see them again some day. ~ Norma Pretot and son Ed Pretot In memory of Sampson. Sampson was a black lab, that was adopted from Animal Welfare several years ago. Sammy was such a sweetheart. He was around 10 years old when we adopted him, but as a mature dog, he was a great fit at the assisted living. As his needs changed (he could no longer see), he had difficulty living at the assisted living where I work, so my mom took him home to live with her until he finally passed away. So although we originally adopted him as our "resident pet" at Sunrise of Poland he ended up being my moms dog at the end. Sammy brough joy to so many people: my residents who lived at Sunrise loved him, and so did my mom. ~Kerry Smith
In memory of my dear, sweetPretzel, who passed away in November 2011. He was at my side for 12 years and I miss him very much. ~Louise Vettpretzel In memory of Benjamin, our sweet dear cat of 3 years was taken from us far too early, but never doubt that you are loved and missed. Until our spirits meet again, RIP our dear friend Ben, Ben. ~ Joyce & Randy Riley In memory of Annie, ~ Dave & Marion O'Mahen, Joan Wilkinson
In memory of my mom's sweet Cocker Spaniel Molly Bear. She was in so much pain last week she had to make that final act of love and let her go. ~Susan Williams In memory of Joan Wilkinson'sMolly Bear, that had to be put down 1/11/12. Molly Bear was Joan's best friend, she will be missed. ~Wayne & Molly Rush  In memory of Beamer ~ Marie Lewis
In memory of Mittzzi, Jake, Boo-Boo, Brutus, ~ Yvonne Franks In memory of Katie, our golden retriever who passed April 2011,Calleigh, in honor of our sheltie who has helped ease the loss of Katie. ~ Bruce & Carla McCracken

In Memory of Tonto & Sunshine ~ Fred & Lilly Hartwick
tonto hartwick-lilly

In loving memory of our precious red poodle, Holly Reba, who was 16 yrs old. She was the sweetest little dog who shared her love and compassion with us. She enjoyed her blankets, playing with her toys, taking walks with her Dad, laying on her rug in the driveway, and a sip of coffee. She loved her babysitters, Molly and Wayne Rush, who took care of her when Mom/Dad went on vacation. We also thank our neighbors, Mary Kay and Mike for watching her for us. Her sitters treated her like their own and we appreciate the love and kindness they gave her. We knew she would be taken care of and in safe hands. Holly will always be in our hearts. ~Becky & Gene Tropf

In memory of Abbey Hartley, our furry Daughter of 17 years! She was a wonderful companion and stayed by Tom's side throughout his illness until she could no longer do so. We were truly a family! You have brought much happiness to people and animals in our community thank you for all you do! ~Judie Hartley


In Memory of Sebastian, Shirley Omogrosso;s beloved Golden Retriever~ Tom & Sue Trimbur


In Memory of my dear Schnauzers Mindy & Kaycee~ Patricia P. Parker


In Memory of Buddy~ John & Deborah Tominey


In Memory of Cindy, Tosh & Penny~ Norman K. & Barbara L. Pollock


In Memory of Casey, beloved cat of Chris & Jana Rahrig~ Jay & Marlene Lacy



In memory of Moe, Darla Beach's precious pet~ Paul F. & Margaret A. McCummins


In Memory of Jeffrey~ herb & Patty Loree


In Memory of Peanut & Rascal~ Neva M. Dionisio


In Memory of Max, beloved dog of Dawna Foster~ John Parkinson


In Memory of Emily, Dava Hirsch's much loved Great Dane (from 2002-2013)~ Hirsch Family Revocable Living Trust Rose Hirsch


In Memory of Petie, beloved dog of Leslie Hoppes~ Rhonda Thomas

In Memory of Charlie~ David & Wilda Leek


In Memory of Molly, beloved dog of Rozzo Georgann~ Adeline Tavolario


In Memory of Eleanor, beloved cat of Leon Snowe II~ Dwana Barnhart

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