The New Facility Will Offer


Ample Space

At 47,000-square-feet, more than twice 


the number of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens will be housed in this building than at the current Shelter; the goal, ultimately, is to lower the stray animal population in Trumbull County.

Specialty Areas

Specific rooms within the building will allow animals to be medically treated, bathed and groomed and introduced to potential new families in separate areas. Medical treatment facilities, isolation and quarantine areas will make certain healthy residents remain healthy and those that need special care are treated immediately.

Human Focus

The bond between a human and a beloved pet can make us healthier, happier and more productive. The Animal Welfare Care & Education Center will help all pet owners strengthen that bond, reducing the number of animals that are relinquished to shelters or abandoned. We will host classes for dogs and humans at all levels including puppy training, basic obedience and kid's kindness classes.

Animal Care Education


No other animal shelter in Ohio has a partnership with an accredited education program. The proximity of TCTC and Kent State Trumbull offers an unprecedented opportunity to develop a symbiotic relationship between animals and a motivated group of young pe


ople who love and respect them. A Library will offer educational books, brochures and DVDs to students and the public.

Retail Area

4,000 square feet of area will be dedicated to selling pet related items for dogs and cats. All of our products will be veterinarian recommended, high quality products for your pet. Whether it be for training or for fun, we are making sure your newly adopted pet will have all the food, treats and equipment they need to have a great start. All of the proceeds from the retail area will be reinvested back into the shelter to continue it's growth.


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