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Animal problems begin with people. The adorable birthday puppy becomes a rambunctious 60-pound dog. Kittens claw furniture and are banished outdoors. A family moves and the new landlord forbids pets. Too often people forget that pet ownership is a lifetime commitment. Too often the animals suffer because of it.

We estimate that in Trumbull County there are nearly 54,000 owned dogs and 61,000 owned cats. There are also thousands more stray dogs and feral cats. Uncontrolled and stray animals are not only in danger of being injured or killed, they impact public health and safety. Roaming dogs and feral cats damage property. Our local hospitals treated more than 153 dog bites and 44 cat bites in 2011 alone.

To address these problems, the Animal Welfare League is not just targeting symptoms, we are tackling the root causes by offering comprehensive solutions that include short-term shelter and medical care; community education programs; and the placement of loving pets into forever homes.


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