Here are some commonly asked questions about our new shelter.

Why we built a New Shelter?

  • The old shelter was antiquated and small. It was difficult to keep the animals from getting sick.
  • Combined with cramped quarters and poor ventilation, the prevention of transmission of illnesses such as kennel cough and upper respiratory infection was a constant concern.There was no area to isolate a contagious sick dog or cat.
  • Cats had to bear the sounds of barking dogs through the day and dogs had walk through the cat room for intake or when adopted.
  • Potential adopters did not have a place to sit quietly and meet the animals they wanted to adopt.
  • Our past facility was inadequate to house all the animals we care for.
  • Cats, housed in small cages, now have opportunities to climb, exercise & associate with other cats.
  • Dogs now have larger kennels that are more comfortable even after long stays in the shelter.
  • The new shelter has an appropriate air exchange system, natural light and all areas have improved lighting and windows.
  • The old shelter had no quiet place for pregnant dogs and cats to have their pups and kittens.

What does the New Shelter allow you to do?

The new shelter allows us to provide the environment that promotes and protects the health and happiness of the animals. It allows us to save more animals.

The new shelter includes:

  • Adoption rooms to allow adopter to get to know their potential pet.

  • Areas for medical care, quarantine, isolation, maternity wards
  • Areas for training and behavior
  • Outdoor exercise areas for cats and dogs
  • Education areas

Why should I care?

Animal problems affect everyone. From the stray and abandoned to the neglected and abused. The greater majority of people, whether they own an animal or not, do care and do not like to see animals suffer.

How will you fund this larger facility?

With new programs such as training classes, a pet store, as well as volunteer driven fundraisers, to care for the animals brought in the by the Animal Wardens and our fundraisers. The new building will be more economically efficient and easier to maintain than our old shelter.


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