Why Build A New Shelter

We've outgrown our small and antiquated shelter, in order to keep growing and make an even bigger impact to our community and animals in need, we need to expand. Designed by a local firm, Copich & Associates Architects that specializes in the creation of veterinary facilities, the Animal Welfare Care & Education Center will be a new breed of animal shelter.

Education programs developed by TCTC, a secondary vocational school that attracts students from throughout Trumbull County, will enhance the animal care curriculum that is already in place and will form the foundation for college-level courses. Students will provide staffing assistance and their hands-on learning opportunities will include assisting groomers and veterinarians, observing medical treatments and handling animals and the public. Innovative education programs will elevate the Animal Welfare Care & Education Center's program above other Ohio shelters and will create a new model that we can share with our peers.

The level of service planned is only possible because of the facility's highly functional design. Staff, Board Members and consulting veterinarians have worked with the architects for more than a year to design a safe and comfortable environment that will enhance the human/animal bond. Efficiency and operating costs were continually reviewed. The final plan combines low maintenance materials with new, sustainable technologies in a thoughtful footprint.

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