The animals of Trumbull County are facing an unprecedented crisis.

Never have we seen such a stunning number of animals in horrendous conditions; this is the prevailing theme happening right now in the
animal welfare world. I have been the CEO of the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County (AWL) for almost four years now. In the last year,
I have spent a significant amount of time talking with my colleagues around the state, with AWL staff who have been here longer than
I have, and reading reports from around the country. The problem continues to grow and we are all struggling to keep up.

Like so many businesses, we have spent the last year short-staffed. That, coupled with pulling dozens of animals from a single house
almost weekly, working to bring a starved and abandoned puppy back from the brink of death, and managing a shelter that is regularly
over capacity, has left those of us here tired and running on physical and emotional fumes. However, we continue to come back each day
because no one showed up for the animals in our care before AWL did — and they deserve a chance each day. We are their chance each day.

So far this year, we have taken in 1,268 animals. Of those, 183 were from local dog pounds and other rescues to help when they reached
capacity. Our humane agents have responded to 472 new allegations of animal cruelty and neglect and have filed 13 new charges in Trumbull County courts. 

I truly believe that we are in a time where the animal welfare world is being pushed to its max. We have to keep doing what we do because it is a
critical need. However, the days of doing it “alone” are no longer possible. We need your help!

In 2022, the average cost to care for one cat was $237. The average cost to care for one dog was $375. This year, we have offered these amounts 
as giving options to make it easier for you to sponsor the cost of care for one animal in 2023! However, your gift of any amount will go a long
way to help AWL as we continue to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Adopt,
and Educate on behalf of the abused, neglected, and unwanted animals of Trumbull County.

Thank you for your enduring support!


Lorilyn Shandor, CEO
Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County