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Founded in 1969, the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County (AWL) protects
the unwanted, neglected, abandoned, sick, injured and abused animals of Trumbull County.

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Comments from our Pet Owners

Leia, formerly April

We rescued her from the AWL in March 2019! This adventurous pup now calls the sunshine state her home, and she’s quite the traveler! Here are some of the places she’s been: Daytona Beach, the Florida Keys, Great Smokey Mountains National Park, St. Petersburg, Nashville, Orlando, and of course all over Ohio visiting friends and family. She LOVES wearing clothes. Cuddling, visiting new places, and camping! Oh and her cat sister, Lily, too! We are so thankful we found this sweet soul for our family.


We adopted Nebula in June of 2020. When we were looking to adopt I knew she was the dog I wanted, I bonded with her right away when I saw her. When we adopted her we were nervous due to the fact that she didn’t like kids, and she would need a kennel. She has not been in a kennel since the shelter. She is an amazing dog! She has grown so much and learned a lot. She’s great with kids, people and other animals and loves being outside, cuddling, going for car rides, and playing with her toys. Nebula goes outside by herself and has free roam to 3 acres and she likes to visit her furry friend neighbors. We love her so much! Thank you for giving us the perfect furry to our family! ❤️

Sonny, formerly Diamond

Sonny (Diamond) is absolutely loving life! She loves playing in the leaves! This couch potato sure showed us how fast and playful she can be! She loves bathing in the sun and being able to roam free in our backyard. After some fun outside, we always make time to snuggle on the couch. After all, that is her favorite thing to do!”


I adopted Paco in October 2016. He’s doing really great and he loves playing like a puppy for being 9 years old! He loves bringing his treats to me whenever he’s in a playful mood. He loves talking for the most part, and he even loves the outdoors! He gets jealous whenever the cats are getting attention, he feels like he should get attention. He loves going on walks and meeting new people and he even loves cuddling every night. He's the best dog out there!


We love him to pieces! He has definitely opened up to us and he is one of the best cats we've ever had. You guys are amazing! To know he went from what life he had...to being a spoiled beautiful easygoing boy playing in his toy box is his favorite thing to do! He loves chasing his little fake mice and playing fetch! Thank you guys for giving animals a second chance at a great life! And thank you for giving us the chance to love this amazing boy!

Mocha, formerly Marley D.

She is such an amazing addition to our family. She is pretty much potty trained & she barks when she has to go outside. She loves her little teething toy we got her from PetSmart and she pulls her bed all around the house. She has a no stuffing unicorn that she loves. She sleeps either near my head or my feet at bed time. She loves her sister and cries when they go to school. She plays hide & seek with us (her, my husband and my daughters love it). Thank you Animal Welfare League for bringing Mocha in our lives!

Jovie, formerly Bitty B.

In December 2020 we adopted “Bitty B”. We re-named her Jovie, as in Buddy the Elf’s girlfriend. She’s incredibly snuggly, cute, smart and fast! We got her a DNA test and here are her results! We were told whippet terrier mix….when we got the results we found out there’s no whippet at all in her! No matter to us, she’s perfect and spoiled!

Rio & Jewel
Rio & Jewel

We adopted Rio and Jewel last week and they are settling in perfectly.. our 3 females like them and they like ours. They are really bonded with each other too 💕. We are very thankful to have them join our flock.


When we brought him home he was quite a handful. He was not properly housetrained, therefore many accidents to clean. He was aggressive and just not happy. My husband wanted to return him to AWL on several occasions, but I refused. A pet is not something you just ‘return’ like a pair of shoes that don’t fit. He didn’t ask for a crappy beginning to his life. We needed to love him through this and we did. Fast forward to now. He is such a lovey little guy. He still has occasional accidents but nothing like before. When he occasionally growls, we say, ‘No growlies!’ and he stops. All he wants to do is please us. He plays nicely with his big brother, Wally, and makes us laugh all the time. I can’t imagine life without him in it.

Bagheera, formerly Pumpkin

We adopted Bagheera in November of 2019 and he has become part of our family so quickly and easily! He's perfect for us and gets along with his fur brother and my daughter so well. We love him times a million. Thank you!!

Mochi, formerly Delta C

We adopted Mochi in September of 2020. She lights up our lives with her goofy personality. I am so thankful both of our dogs get along. Thank you AWL!


We rescued Zeke from AWL in January 2021. Nothing but cuddles from this guy. Loves to play keep away, but sometimes fetch, and takes his toys on walks. Also LOVES cars rides. So glad we adopted.


Queso is making himself right at home! He's so playful and curious but also loves to cuddle and he now jumps right up into my arms! And he also loves to talk to me! I'm so glad that I brought him home!

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