AWL Educates!

Animal Welfare League offers a variety of educational programming options for all ages. Programs may be on-site, virtual, or off-site – we’ll come to you! From scout troops to resource fairs, guest lectures to first-grade fun and games, our education department can tailor programming to specific needs and topics.

View the options below and email [email protected] for availability and registration.


Our Animal Friends

Ages 5-7                               30 minutes

Ages 8-10                             45 minutes

Respect is the word of the day. Students will learn about what pets need to be happy and healthy through games and interactive learning. We will learn how our cats and dogs “talk” and how to be a respectful friend to animals. Bite prevention will also be covered. Off-site.

Humane Investigators: Animal Heroes

Ages 11-12                          45 minutes

What does it take to become a humane hero? We’ll experience a day in the life of a humane agent and follow a case from complaint to rescue. Students will learn about the role of humane law enforcement officers in keeping pets safe and comfortable in our community. Off-site or virtual.

Pet Care Boot Camp

Ages 13-14                          45 minutes

Owning a pet is a rewarding experience, but it takes a lot of preparation. Pet ownership requires planning, research, time, and money. We’ll explore the lifelong care and keeping of four different types of pets. Students will learn what it takes to own the pet of their dreams and how best to prepare for pet ownership in the future. Off-site or virtual.

Careers in Animal Care

Ages 14-18                          45 minutes

There are countless options for young animal lovers to turn their passion into a career. In this program, students will explore careers centered on animal care and keeping. Humane agent, veterinarian, and wildlife rehabilitator are just some of the many careers we will investigate. Off-site or virtual.

A Voice for the Voiceless: Humane Investigations

Teens & Adults                  60 minutes

Why does animal abuse occur? Can it be prevented? If so, how? What does a typical day in the field look like? What does cruelty and neglect look like in the US? We’ll answer these questions and many more in this program on animal cruelty and neglect and humane law. Learn about what legal protections and limitations animals in Ohio have as we follow a case study from complaint to prosecution. Off-site, virtual, or on-site with shelter tour options.

Animal Shelters: Essential Community Resource

Teens & Adults                  45 minutes

Learn about the history of animal sheltering in the United States as we explore the modern role of animal shelters and the services AWL provides. Topics include: animal cruelty, adoption, and why millions of animals surrendered to shelters annually. Off-site, virtual, or On-site w/ shelter tour options.

 Adoption: The Humane Option

Teens & Adults                  60 minutes

Thinking of getting a furry (or scaly) friend? Adopt, don’t shop! This program will discuss the pitfalls of the pet trade and the benefits of adoption from your local shelter or rescue. We’ll discuss what to expect when applying to adopt an animal and the different types of rescues. The second half of the program covers what to expect with a new pet from settling in to dealing with potential behavioral issues in cats and dogs. Off-site or virtual.

Pet Badge

Scout Troops                     90 minutes

Scouts will earn their Pet Badge or credit toward animal badges and projects while we explore how to choose the best type of pet for your lifestyle, the cost of pet ownership, and how to respect pets according to species. This program includes an interactive shelter tour during which we will follow an adopted pet through her first vet visit, trip to the groomer, pet supply store, and more. Basic animal body language will be covered for a variety of species. On-site.


Other Programs

Shelter Tour

Tour our facility and learn about the services we provide the animals and people of Trumbull County. Tour does not include animal interaction. Five person minimum. Twelve person maximum. On-site.

Information Booths and Career Days

Bring an AWL representative to your career day, resource fair, or community event. Information regarding services and adoptions will be available along with a live animal ambassador.

Animal Care Interview

Fulfills interview requirements for school career projects or community service requirements. Prepare your questions ahead of time and ask away! On site, virtual, or by phone.

READ Program

11 am-12 pm Saturdays

Children ages 7-14 are invited to come and read aloud to AWL’s resident cats and rabbits. Reading aloud is a great way for children to engage with animals and while improving children’s reading skills! On-site. Weekly.